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Microcomputer technology has been put to

To begin with, you can choose to have your rice very tender, of a medium texture, or harder. And once your rice has been cooked to your exact orders, this rice cooker will keep it warm and fresh for up to 8 hours after the rice is done. The outside of the Zorijushi Rice Cooker is also stainless steel, so you know that cleaning the exterior will be simple as well.The Zojirushi Company of Japan has been making rice cookers for over 30 years and has put all that know how into making the most advanced and easy to use rice cookers possible.

The Zojirushi Corporation has a website that will provide you with plenty of information about their company. There are so many ways for you set your rice cooker to your specifications that the end product is sure to be perfect. A clock is present, as is a melody signal to let you know when your rice has completed cooking.

You can also cook almost any kind of rice in a Zojirushi Rice Cooker: white, brown, GABA, semi-brown rice, sushi rice, wild rice, even quick cooking rice and porridge. The cooker will follow your instructions to the letter. Service centers and parts and accessories are also available here, if you ever need them.

Zojirushi Rice Cookers have so many great features that using them is a real pleasure and time saver.

Everything about the Zorijushi Rice Cooker is meant to make your cooking Auto Gas Springs experience enjoyable and carefree. A drop down is available there to give you recipe ideas to use with your Zojirushi Rice Cooker. Also, the Japanese are very particular about their rice, it is a staple of their diet accordingly, it must be prepared in just the right way in order to meet their exacting dietary standards, which is just what Zorijushi Rice Cookers provide. Microcomputer technology has been put to work to make sure that you do not have to work.

The Zorijushi Rice Cooker is a high tech item and has a color LCD display. The inner lid, stainless steel also, can be detached from the rice cooker and cleaned without any effort. Be assured that when you purchase a Zojirushi Rice Cooker, you are purchasing the best. While Zojirushi does make conventional rice cookers, with an electric plate beneath the pan to heat it, it is with their micro computer technology that this company has proved itself to be far ahead of the rest.

The interior of the stainless steel cooking pan is treated with a long-lasting non-stick coating that will ensure that clean up will be quick and easy

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