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Similarly you can bring a maximum of

Also make sure that you do not bring alcohol that exceeds more than 22 percent volume. This is done in order to protect Money Laundering which is a grave federal offense in U.

Anyone who enters Spain with cash that amounts more then $10,000 has Auto spare parts suppliers to claim the same at the customs.There are endless reasons of why people travel to Spain. This includes wine, beer or hard alcohol. Cats and dogs that you carry must have government-approved veterinarian international certification. or 1 kgs. The Endangered Species are not allowed to enter Spain according to federal law. A lot of people travel Spain to experience a nice holiday time and others may travel for business on some other work. There are a number of items that are restricted and cannot be brought inside Spain.

Food and Commercial Items

Youre not allowed to bring any commercial products into Spain. This certificate must have been approved at least 10 days before the arrival and the pets that you carry should be completely vaccinated. Irrespective of the fact that you are traveling from any European Union country or any other country throughout the world, customs regulations in Spain must be adhered to. Similarly you can bring a maximum of 100 small cigars or 50 large cigars. You cannot bring more than 2 L of alcohol inside Spain.

If you have pets, you can carry them along to Spain.S. Other food items can be brought but they should not weigh more than 2lbs. Though you can bring some gifts for friends and family members but they too are allowed only in reasonable quantities. In any case you are not allowed to bring more then 200 cigarettes. Rabies shot is a must for all animals that are carried inside Spain. You can also bring along some food item but make sure that it is not an animal product.


Alcohol is also permitted to be brought inside Spain but the only condition is that the person bringing it should be about 18 years old. All these items are checked at the airport by the custom departments and if you are found with an item that is not allowed in Spain or is over the size limits, customs have all the right to confiscate that particular item.

Only if you are about 18 years old, you can bring tobacco into Spain. You can also bring personal items like clothes and accessories along.
. If minors are found with alcohol, it is immediately confiscated. You also cannot bring any dairy or meat products. as well as in Spain

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