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Some women might not realize that their mate

. Some thought they were hiding because their women were on a shopping spree. They never knew that they preferred lace ups with oxford styling, and would never dream of buying shoes from a specific men’s shoe designer.

Some women might not realize that their mate actually is a fashion conscious individual. Some women thought that it was very strange when the time that their mates spent in the shoes stores began to get longer and longer. When men shop for shoes they simply want to concentrate on finding the best fashion footwear for men at affordable prices and find that they need to concentrate in order to do it. They find the extra opinions and recommendations provided by their mates to be very distracting at times.

Some women thought that the men’s shoes stores had to have a television set located in the back because their men stayed in these stores for hours on end.

Men never plan to take so long to choose a pair of shoes Auto Brake Hose manufacturersfor a special occasion, but with the number of styles to choose from they find that they have no other choice but to patiently look at each of the styles in their size and find that looking at them one at a time works best. Now women leave their husband in peace when he shops for shoes because the styles that he wears everyday is subject to change without notice.In the past, there was a certain unspoken taboo in the fashion footwear industry. They never expected their men to be shopping for shoes when they walked in the door or to see the salesman that was standing right by their side.

If the women ever chose to drop in to surprise them, they would be totally surprised by the silence inside the shoe shop.

Men find shopping for shoes to be a very labor intensive project and one that they would prefer to do alone. In the past, men used to be in and out of the shoe store in a matter of minutes and wives never had the chance to think about them shopping for shoes not even for a second. The men’s shoes store was the rustic domain where men secreted themselves when women went shopping for shoes or other fashion wear and accessories for their own closets. Women were never present in the Men’s Shoes section of many retailers that operated out of the malls that were located throughout the United States. They simply assumed that they liked leather and would wear just about anything that came in a dark color. They totally expected to find their mates engrossed in an NFL game upfront or were certain to find some NBA action on a wide screen television mounted on the wall somewhere in the back

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