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The Carrom boric acid power is also easily available

The Carrom powder is basically made from standard boric acid powder. If you are a just a beginner, then you can purchase an ordinary set of coins. The adult trainer inner size is 29″ x 29″ and outer size is 33″ x 33″ with a border of 2 inches. The junior playing board has a playing surface of 23″ Auto spare parts x 23″. If you are looking for higher quality coins, then the coins are quite expensive. Even a small amount of this fine powder on the carrom board’s surface enhances the smoothness of the Carrom board. The base board thickness is 4mm.

The Carrom game set consists of a Carrom game board, black and white pieces or coins with a red coin, game rules booklet and a striker. The goal is to sink your nine pieces, plus the red queen, in the pockets thereby collecting as many points. In general the rough size of the Carrom board is about 24″ x 24″ includes or 60 x 60 cm with The Carrom boric acid power is also easily available in the market at cheaper price. They are sold individually in all sports stores and online stores. Despite the fact that it sounds comparable to pool the strategies moreover technicalities are interestingly dissimilar. Recently due to scientific advancement, the powder is systematically formulated using the help of proficient Carrom players, which is like a lubricant used for easy, speedy descending of the Striker and Carrom Coins.75 cm black border. This particular powder is used for easy sliding of striker and coins. It contains an extraordinary combination so it is not unsympathetic and does not cause scratching or wear on the playing surface and does not cause blockage.The most important accessory used for Carrom is the special fine boric powder sprayed over the board surface to decrease roughness and make the coins move smoother.5 inch or 3.

If you want to replace your old Carrom coins, then it can be easily replaced. Silky smooth powders do not clog or scratches on the board, for playing twenty games all around just 170 grams is more than enough. Other accessories include; nets for the pockets and excellent quality striker coins. However this varies based on the version, sometimes it has an amalgamation of pool and marbles with air hockey which uses a square, wooden table top board with four corner pockets and is played by flicking the striker with finger or thumb at the pieces, resembling black and white checkers

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