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This is an endless list even if

But one question, which can’t be out of place to ask is why is the leather goods’ popularity increasing steadily?

Just these two factors decide whether leather goods continue to enjoy the same popularity like it did all these years or not. It has successfully pressurized major importing retailers in USA not to purchase from the black listed leather goods’ manufacturers from third world countries. Forget the economy for a while; leather goods are fashion symbols. Then there are industry councils and promotion boards, which promote leather as alternate to non-biodegradable synthetic materials at every opportunity. Women are spoilt clearly for choice when it is handbags and shoes. At every end of the summer, designers break their heads to come out with new and cracking designs for women in all splendors.
1. But mind you this is not small at all, considering the number of companies engaged in men’s accessories the world over.

This is an endless list even if you were to consider just the women’s accessories. However here is a brief picture. Cell phone accessories etc.
Auto spare parts suppliers No matter how small they are, footwear since pre historic age has been manufactured in leather. This alone will count for a mind boggling 30% of the leather consumption. Totes/travel bags/ID Lanyards etc for men. One survey by industry leading consulting firm puts the figure very tantalizingly high. Wallets and card cases
But what beats the volume when it comes to men’s leather choice is the leather upholstery for household furniture and their status symbol cars.PETA, People for ethical Treatment of Animals, an NGO is up in arms in USA against those brutally treating animals for obtaining leather.

Fashion accessories have changed to leather made goods for Asian affluent of late what with their respective economies showing strong growth rates. Shoes/hats/belts
5. Cosmetic cases
4. Men, though have not too much choice to make, just fall back upon leather for wallets, shoes, waist belts, riding and golfing gloves etc. Designer handbags are the talk of the towns every season. First, it is the global population outbreak and then it is the fast paced, equitable economic growth rate in Asian countries. Even a meager 2-3% increased affinity for leather goods from Asia will translate to about 8-10% of entire consumption of USA. Outer wear
6. Brief cases/portfolios/messengers
8. Just think of all those 6 billion pair of feet to be protected year after year. for women

Leather Goods: Fashion and Status Symbols
Blame it on Paris

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